This is a story about pearly everlasting. Coming up on the end of summer in 2012, I was at something of a crossroads in my life. I didn’t know which way I wanted to turn next, and I was pretty agitated about it. I ended up talking about my uncertain and unsettled feelings with my CSA farmer when picking up my veggies – which might sound a little desperate, but she’s also a doula and just has a really welcoming, comforting nature. She gave me solid advice that changed my life.

She pointed out that it was going to be a full moon that weekend & said I should spend as much time outside, alone, as possible, and just reach out to the moon with my heart and ask for guidance. I already had plans to spend that weekend out at my dad’s place in the country – it was Labor Day and his birthday. Lots of people were around, but I slept in an RV with my kids, who were small, so I had some solitude.

I got up and went for a walk while everyone was sleeping, and I saw a plant I had never noticed before. It was pearly everlasting, waabigwan or baasibagak in the Ojibwe language. The white and yellow flowers are like little moons themselves, and I felt connected to that plant. That was my message, which I grossly misinterpreted, but that’s okay! Because no matter how badly I messed up, another way opened up ahead of me, every time.

I’m still making my way. But I guess I’m not on just one of two straight roads that crossed – it’s more like a spiderweb. And everywhere I turn, I’ve got waabigwaniin with me.

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