My life list of plants + Ojibwemowin

Over the past five+ years of documenting plants in Ojibwe country, specifically the western end of Lake Superior, I’ve built up a pretty long list. Up until now, it wasn’t published online, but I would share the link with anyone who wanted to scroll through it via Google Drive. At this point, it’s been so widely shared, that I may as well just publish it. So, here it is!

The final tab lists resources I’ve used both to identify plants and to find their names or descriptors in Ojibwemowin (the Ojibwe language). Since I’m just a language learner and not a fluent speaker, I always recommend folks check out those sources in addition to my work.

When I come across names recorded by non-speakers using archaic phonetic spelling, I transcribe those names into the modern orthography commonly used in Wisconsin and Minnesota, known as double-vowel or Fiero. While this makes the names easier for learners like me to read and understand, it also opens the door to me making mistakes.

This list isn’t a compilation of the existing literature published by others. Rather, it is a list of plants (and other beings!) I’ve encountered, photographed, identified, and researched. It’s built around my interactions with the land. For that reason, there are many plants listed without names, and many plants not listed. But I hope it will still be helpful to others, if nothing else, whenever possible, to greet our plants by name.

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