Another year bursting with flowers

Although we’re only a month into 2022, my calendar is filling up with wonderful events throughout the blooming season. I’m looking forward to hosting two separate series of wildflower walks (one in Bayfield and the other nearby). I’ll post more details on those once they are publicly announced by my partner organizations. I’m also hoping to work with Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers again, because I had a great time on Wisconsin Point with them last year – but even if I don’t end up leading a walk with them this season, I will definitely make the drive over there to learn about some new plants and places. A couple other plant-related collaborations are brewing, too, so it looks like a busy season ahead.

And although we’re already a whole entire month into 2022, I’m still working at getting all my wildflower seeds outside to cold-stratify under the snow. Ha, I imagined getting all of them outdoors in the first week of January! I only managed about 40 containers before I took a break from it, but now I’ve gotta finish that while we still have half of winter left.

The other thing I’m doing this month is culling some of my veggie, fruit, herb and flower seeds so I can share with my local seed library. Now that I’m more confident in my ability to save seeds from mature plants, I don’t need to keep any more than what I’ll plant this year. I’m excited to help build up our local collection and develop landraces (or, locally-adapted varieties) by selecting seeds to save over time.

Finally, I’m figuring out where all these miraculous seedlings will be planted a few months from now. Very little of my land is cleared. I’ve been squinting at satellite images and sketching on graph paper, looking up soil and sunlight needs and making absurd lists of what-goes-with-what. I know that, to some extent, this planning will be futile, because life unfolds in unexpected ways. But this is the time of year for garden dreaming, so in my mind, I see all the gorgeous colors, hear the bees buzzing, and feel the August sun on my shoulders. It’s really just around the corner.

3 thoughts on “Another year bursting with flowers

    1. Marisa Lee

      Thanks, Beth! I know it isn’t the same, but I post all the awesome plants I see over on my Instagram as @mywildwisconsin so you can follow along virtually over there, if you want! But I bet there are also fantastic wildflower walks and natural areas to explore near you, too.

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