Beaver Hollow Plant Walk & Talk Series

I am thrilled to announce I’ll be leading monthly plant walks at one of my favorite spots, Beaver Hollow (the place with the blue heron nests!) this year, May through October.

Although the event technically starts at 11, I’ll be hanging out in the wildflower garden beforehand, so come early to check that out. We’ll gather in the outdoor classroom to talk about what’s in bloom, and then go see what we can see along the boardwalk! As we head back up to the parking area afterward, I’ll point out a couple good places to duck into the woods – no trail, but that’s 100% allowed, choose your own adventure.

The only thing is, to keep the group size manageable, registration is required. You can sign up for free here and learn more about this awesome nature preserve here. If you scroll to the bottom of their homepage, you can get on Beaver Hollow’s email list to be reminded about the rest of this series! 

While there is no fee to attend, I strongly recommend supporting Beaver Hollow and/or joining Friends of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands. Becoming a member of this group has wildly changed my life – I’ve gotten involved with awesome projects and met awesome people I never would have otherwise.

p.s. If the days & times for these walks don’t work for you, keep an eye out for info on *another* series of plant walks I’ll be leading this year, on Sunday afternoons!

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