July plant walks!

Wow, another plant walk weekend is less than 10 days away! Let’s see what’s blooming & fruiting, learn some ojibwemowin plant names, and share about our experiences with these plants and trees.

At Beaver Hollow, the boardwalk extension to the pond is almost complete, and the water level is much higher than last year – water plantain looks especially amazing right now. The wildflower garden is going bonkers. Our June walk was a bit rushed due to the intensity of the mosquitos. Dragonflies are currently working hard to make our July walk more comfortable, which is good, because there is a lot to see.

Our Sunday afternoon spot for July is Brickyard Creek (meet at Roy’s Point Marina parking lot). My favorite thing about this trail is the shift that happens, when you get into this low conifer forest and feel the temperature drop. It’s like stepping into another world. This is a gorgeous private trail system with low traffic and high biodiversity. Special thanks to the BYC community for granting us access to the quiet beauty of your back yards – we promise to be respectful visitors.

The details! Saturday 7/16, 11 am, Beaver Hollow, register here. Sunday 7/17, 1 pm, Brickyard Creek, register here. The registration links include addresses. Plant walks are free but registration is required. See you soon!

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