Today & Tomorrow!

It’s the August bloom explosion time, and we’ll be checking out an overwhelming amount of beautiful flowers today at Beaver Hollow & tomorrow at Brownstone Trail.

Asters and goldenrod are beginning to bloom along the boardwalk, hinting at (what I feel is) Beaver Hollow’s absolute peak gorgeousness in September. The wildflower garden is packed full of cardinal flower, great blue lobelia, golden glow, coneflower – it’s stunning. And there’s a new garden area, with a mix of natives and “nativars” to check out! There is still room to register for this walk, today at 11.

Brownstone trail will be a different kind of plant walk tomorrow (Sunday 8/21 at 1 pm), focusing in on a dense area filled with native wildflowers and grasses, nearby-natives (from Wisconsin’s prairies), and some of the most problematic invasive species we deal with around here. We won’t cover a lot of ground, but we will check out tons of plants! Plant walks are free but registration is required.

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