BEZHIG ETA issue #3

I sent this off yesterday to the printer, so I’ll be ready to mail these out very soon! I would love to get them in the mail by Friday, so sign up right away if you want a physical copy. Digital copies are always available, even if you miss the window to sign up via the form. Just send me a note and I’ll email it to you. (Hmm, I should really just have a spot to download them. Something to plan for in the future! I’m just learning as I go.)

I am really excited to wrap up these first four issues (all blueberry family plants) and start on the 2023 series, plants I really love and are super accessible / easy to find. It’s a happy plant family. But I’m getting ahead of myself – there’s still a winter issue coming up before I start on that series, and it’s a good one.

Thank you x infinity for sending me notes in the mail, via email, on Instagram etc, they make me SO HAPPY!

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