Earth Care Plant Walk & Talk

In addition to my series of ‘third Saturday’ walks at Beaver Hollow this summer, I’m leading another series on Sunday afternoons! These will move to different trails around the Bayfield area. The first one is *tomorrow* Sunday, May 22, at the Les Voigt State Fish Hatchery on highway 13 just south of Bayfield at 1:00 […]

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Beaver Hollow Plant Walk & Talk Series

I am thrilled to announce I’ll be leading monthly plant walks at one of my favorite spots, Beaver Hollow (the place with the blue heron nests!) this year, May through October. Although the event technically starts at 11, I’ll be hanging out in the wildflower garden beforehand, so come early to check that out. We’ll […]

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Another year bursting with flowers

Although we’re only a month into 2022, my calendar is filling up with wonderful events throughout the blooming season. I’m looking forward to hosting two separate series of wildflower walks (one in Bayfield and the other nearby). I’ll post more details on those once they are publicly announced by my partner organizations. I’m also hoping […]

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Update: Unlocking Meeker

I finished typing up my notes SORT OF. I’ve popped them into a mega spreadsheet. The next step is to type them into a nicely formatted manuscript & create a printable pdf. If you’re interested in checking out my notes, and especially if you’re willing to leave feedback to help me create a nice commentary […]

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The Big Green Plant Book

Of the many plant & language resources I use on a near-daily basis, one of my key go-to books is Plants Used by the Great Lakes Ojibwa (by James Meeker, Joan Elias, and John Heim). I think of it as The Big Green Plant Book. Published in 1993 by my local treaty authority, GLIFWC (Great […]

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aaniin, waabigwaniin!

That means “hello, flowers” in Ojibwemowin, the Ojibwe language, and it’s how I start all my little plant pronunciation videos on Instagram. It’s the equivalent of “hey, guys” at the beginning of every video on YouTube, or my version of “hey, all you cool cats and kittens” if you will. It’s also the hashtag you […]

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My life list of plants + Ojibwemowin

Over the past five+ years of documenting plants in Ojibwe country, specifically the western end of Lake Superior, I’ve built up a pretty long list. Up until now, it wasn’t published online, but I would share the link with anyone who wanted to scroll through it via Google Drive. At this point, it’s been so […]

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This is a story about pearly everlasting. Coming up on the end of summer in 2012, I was at something of a crossroads in my life. I didn’t know which way I wanted to turn next, and I was pretty agitated about it. I ended up talking about my uncertain and unsettled feelings with my […]

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Self-guided wildflower walk

I created a little map of one city block in Bayfield (with an inset of a wildflower garden on the corner) and a list of wildflowers currently in bloom there. Originally, I made these for a wildflower walk that I led, but because it includes pictures of the 21 flowers and a labeled map to […]

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